Our services

Process Serving

As a Process Server, our job is to ensure the delivery of a document to a specific individual or organisation. Process Serving is required for a variety of reasons. Generally, it involves the service of a court issued document but often our clients request letters or notices to be served by hand.

The nature of the service is determined by the type of document to be delivered. Some documents require personal service, others do not. Most documents must be served within specific timeframes. The last date for service of a particular document is determined by the nature of the paperwork, the issuing court (or authority), the court issued date and the next court date, if applicable.

Legislation governs the times and days that we are able to contact people for service of these documents.
We are able to offer the service of documents Australia wide. We continue attempts to serve until we get a result by way of service, confirmed clear out or expiration of time.

When providing us with process serving instructions, it is always helpful to give us as much information as possible. This includes an individual’s working hours, nature of work or any contact numbers if known. Any additional information assists us in determining the best hours for contact and increases our chances of serving the document expediently and returning the completed Affidavit of Service in the shortest possible time.

We accept instructions via our post office box, DX mail or email (if appropriate).

Affidavits of Service

Once a process service has been completed, the serving agent swears, under oath, the details regarding the service. This document is witnessed by a Justice of the Peace and is referred to as an ’Affidavit of Service’. The affidavit is then sent to the court to prove that service has taken place and that the document has definitely been delivered. This can assist the court in such things as determining that individuals required to attend court for a specific case have been notified and that documents required for a hearing will be produced. It also assists creditors to move to the next stage of the recovery process if required. The affidavit will be returned to you once service is complete.

Field Calls

We conduct field calls at a residential property or other location. A field call to a debtor’s home can provide information regarding their financial position, employment status and contact details. It also prompts a debtor to make contact with the creditor.

A field call helps determine the chance of debt recovery and helps the creditor to decide if it is financially viable to pursue legal recovery action.

We receive field call requests from individuals, businesses and other agents. If previous contact methods have proven unsuccessful in recovering a debt, we can talk to your debtor directly and increase your chance of a successful outcome.

We also offer field calls for personal and motor vehicle insurance enquiries or for any information gathering purposes.

If you wish for us to act as an agent and conduct a field call, please send us your instructions, with as much information as possible, by email, DX mail or to our Post Office address.


We offer repossessions of motor vehicles, goods and other equipment. Depending on the nature of the instructions, we can repossess on sight or try and obtain cash collection for the debt owing. We work with our clients and their customers to achieve the best possible outcomes. When sending instructions for repossessions, full details of the account are appreciated. This includes any referee details, file notes, details of the facility, security details, payment due dates and next payment due amount, arrears value, third party authorities if held and instructions for the delivery of goods.

Our agents are fully compliant with legislative guidelines governing the removal of goods from private and public property and the legal aspects regarding regulated and unregulated loans.

Court Examinations

We are able to attend court for examinations hearings. If you have an examination notice that needs to be served, you can instruct us, with the documents, to attend court if service is successful. We will then diarise the court date and keep a copy of the Affidavit of Service to take with us to the hearing.

If service has already been completed, please send us instructions to act as your agent and advise if an Affidavit has already been forwarded to the relevant court.

We will report to you within 24 hours regarding the debtor’s attendance and outcome of the hearing.
You can send instructions for a court examination by email, DX mail or to our Post Office address.

Possession of Property / Lock outs

We conduct lockouts on residential and commercial premises. We liaise with the Sheriff to ensure proceedings are undertaken effectively and on time. We also secure properties that are listed as vacant possession. You can organise a locksmith or we can arrange one for you. A full condition report along with photos will be provided to you within 24 hours and we can deliver the keys to your nominated authority. We are able to make arrangements with your office for supervised access for the removal of goods or for valuer and real estate agent appraisals.